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Dixie has been serving the industrial needs of the manufacturing community in Central Texas for thirty-five (35) years. We have seen the requirements of the industrial base in Central Texas change through the years and we have always strived to bring new technology to the changing base. We serve the Central Texas region from offices/ warehouse in Austin. Dixie Tool Crib, began serving manufacturers in South Texas in 1983. At that time the maquiladora industry was different and many of our customers were located in the Brownsville/ Matamoros/ Reynosa areas. With our business and the industry continuing to grow, we decided to formally open the Brownsville operation in 1989.

Many things have changed since then. Both the Valley and the maquiladora industry have grown and prospered and Dixie is glad to have been a part of that. We now serve South Texas from Brownsville/ Matamoros to Laredo/ Nuevo Laredo. Today we serve our customers from office/ warehouses in Austin and Brownsville and an office in Laredo. We strive to provide quality tools to our customers. We work with our manufacturers' to get our current customers answers and solutions to their needs and questions.

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