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We Are Dixie Tool

For 50 years Dixie Tool Crib has brought some of the finest lines in cutting tools, machine tools and machine tool accessories to our customers throughout Central Texas, South Texas and Northern Mexico.  Over 250 brands of quality you’ve come to know such as Mitutoyo, Sandvik, Carr Lane, Iscar, MA Ford, Norton, SGS, Guhring and many others.

Our staff, along with our factory representatives, can help solve your manufacturing issues and work with you to improve your machining processes.  People that literally have decades of manufacturing, machining and supply experience.  People that know we have to earn your business. 

In 2010, we created an Inventory Solutions Team to help keep pace with our customers that run 24/7.  Since indirect materials have long been a source of unknown cost and downtime, our team can create a program to keep your tooling available at its point of use.  Our vendor managed inventory program using AutoCrib software and AutoCrib vending solutions allowing us to track tooling consumption which can help you cut your indirect supply cost. 

Please call us or e-mail us.  We would appreciate the opportunity to become your tooling vendor.


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