Dixie Tool opened in 1972 in Austin, Texas to support a vibrant manufacturing industry in Central Texas. Throughout our history, Dixie Tool has remained a family-owned business with our focus on providing the right tool at the right time. We opened our second office in 1989 in Brownsville, Texas expanding a regional footprint that encompasses Central and South Texas and Northern Mexico.

THE RIGHT TOOL – From cutting tools to machine tools to inspection equipment, we represent hundreds of quality lines our customers rely on to get the job done. Look to Dixie Tool for names such as Mitutoyo, Carr Lane, Sandvik, Iscar, Guhring, ChevalierUSA, Jet, Laser Design, RAM and many others. Help is also available from both our account representatives and factory representatives when you’re not quite sure what product or service fits your application.

AT THE RIGHT TIME – Over the years, Dixie Tool has provided local general inventory, customer dedicated inventory – all in an effort to keep our customers up and running initiatives such as our local “GET IT TODAY” program and our AutoCrib Vendor Managed Inventory program can be used to make the job of having the right tool at the right time a reality. We thank you for the opportunity to provide you with both our products and services. We look forward to a new relationship or a continuing relationship with you, our customers.

Best Regards,
Dixie Tool